Why Employees Quit – Tips on How to Retain Good Employees

Why Employees Quit – Tips on How to Retain Good Employees

There are always some issues of employee unrest in an organization, irrespective of its size. Companies who are small or big sometimes suffer for satisfying their employees and as a result they leave. These employees face various amount of struggle within the organization and as a result they leave their job. Sometimes when these employees leave the job, the company suffers a huge amount of loss. The company initially spends a lot of money and time for training the employee. There are also some issues like providing some loyalty convenience to the employees. So every management must study about the struggle of the employee and the difficulties they face in the office as suggested by William Almonte .

Here in this article we are providing you some information regarding the issues for which the employees generally quit their job as studied by William Almonte Mahwah.

William Almonte Mahwah

  1. Huge amount of work is imposed on the employees

The companies are known to extract as much work as possible from the employee of the company. Sometimes the project managers distribute huge amount of work at a time among the employees. As a result the work load on every worker increases. Generally this type of problems require when the project managers miss-calculates the time and effort required to do the job. As a result a huge burden of work pressure is imposed on the employee. The employee needs to work for extra hours every day to deliver their project. This as a result affects their personal life and their behavior within the organizations. Sometimes these issues take a huge toll on the health of the employee or worker.

Solution –

So to help an employee on this purpose companies must take care while distributing the projects. They must distribute the projects by give a close attention on the amount of work and amount of time required to accomplish the project. They also may hire some extra professionals and increase the size of the team which can help in doing the task easily. As a result the quality in the output also does not get hampered.

  1. The employees do not get the adequate reward which they deserve

In some companies we have seen some employees who work very hard and efficiently. They are known for delivering quality work every time and they generally deliver the projects assigned to them before time. But some management often do not reward the hard work of these employees. Thesetypes of employees are also known to provide some assistance to the other workers on various issues. When these types of issues continue for a long period, the employee decides to part ways with the companies.

Solution –

Every management must have some officials within the company who can pay a close attention to the work of every employee. Their main purpose is to look after the working nature of the employee and reward them every time for providing high quality. These types of initiatives help in motivating the employee and also help in watching so that the employee does not feel deprived.



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