William Almonte – How To Start A Staffing And Recruitment Agency Nowadays?

William Almonte – How To Start A Staffing And Recruitment Agency Nowadays?

 In today’s time to start an agency of one’s own is pretty easy. All that is required is patience, perseverance and also need to be abreast with the legal procedures and other such technical knowledge. The process of starting a staffing and recruiting agency nowadays can be broken down into the following:

William Almonte - How To Start A Staffing And Recruitment Agency Nowadays?

  1. Legal procedures:
  • Corporate business structure: To start any business it is required to build up a strong and compact corporate business structure to protect the owners from any liabilities caused due to the error of any of their hired employees.
  • License/ Registration: According to William Almonte, after the business structure is set up, one must get the Company registered under the State it will be functioning. After which the State will provide with a Tax Identification Number which will be required to pay for the business’ taxes.
  • Business Insurance:It is required to have general liability insurance as well as a worker’s compensation for long term staff recruits. You can consult your insurance agent and discuss your Company’s needs and requirements to sketch up plans to cover up all possible requirements.
  1. General Requirements:
  • Firstly, it is required to decide on what type of recruiting agency you want to start with.
  • Then, one must decide on the demand of the staffing and recruiting agency in the area.
  • Followed by obtaining the legal documents as mentioned above.
  • As per the statement of William Almonte, each and every business needs a proper business strategy and a detailed business plan in order to attract clients and applicants and also for the Company’s marketing plan and income.
  • One must also require proper capital in order to cover all expenses in case the businesses that hire your candidates are late in paying their invoices.
  • It is better to hire a legal lawyer to draw up the contracts to keep out of trouble.
  • The most important part is to get a space in prime locations in the city and preferably on the main streets to attract more applications.
  • Work on attracting more applications through advertisements in Social media, newspapers, and magazines. It is also wise to link up with online job portals to get more applications.
  • Set up a payroll system that compliments your business.
  • Purchase quality equipment for the office like fax machine, printers and so on.
  • In order to attract business, it is required to use mailing staffs and yellow pages.

The fact cannot be denied that a good recruiter always comes in handy in the process of searching a good job. However, if all the traits of a good recruiter are known, the work is simplified. Many of the recent recruitment too many big companies has seen the involvement of the reputed recruiters.It is important to go through the history of all the recruitment process that the recruiter has undertaken since its inception in the market. The online presence of your company also assists you in choosing the right and absolutely reliable recruiter as well.

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