William Almonte – Steps To Follow During The Recruitment Process

William Almonte – Steps To Follow During The Recruitment Process

Recruitment process involves a lot of brainstorming on the part of hiring managers and other decision makers of any organization. Recruitment is the most vital organ of any business. It’s one of the most crucial facts that need to be considered while planning the further advancement of the business. Recruitment renders the opportunity to improve staff skill and to take new initiatives to make positive changes in an organization and to make new advancements.

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There are five steps that are involved in the whole recruitment and hiring or selection process. The five steps are recruitment planning, required strategy development, searching, then the screening process and the evaluation of candidates and then the control process of hiring.

  • According to William Almonte, expert recruiter, the first step towards the recruitment process is identifying exactly which department or wing requires more human resources to advance the overall improvement of the company.

This process is tough in the sense that the hiring manager needs to find out exactly which wing of the organization needs the increased amount of workforce. Then more that department the hiring manager or the recruiting team needs to find out deserving candidate. Planning of the recruiting process involves the drafting procedure of the comprehensive job specification, outlining the minor responsibility, the experiences, and qualification to look for, grade and level of pay and the starting date. Whether the job position will be a permanent one or a temporary one, this also needs to be decided.

  • The strategic development of the hiring process involves the detailed planning of how to conduct the hiring process, says William Almonte. How many rounds of the interview will be there in the selection process? What type of recruitment process to use in the selection process? What geographical area needs to be considered? What are some special skills to look for in a preferred candidate? How to organize the overall interview process to find out the deserving candidate?
  • The next point is searching, searching candidates requires attracting job seekers and to plan a full proof advertisement of the job vacancy. There are mainly two sources to attract deserving candidates. Number one if the internal source and the secondary source is external sources. The internal source refers to the referral program for the existing employees, and the external sources are hiring any recruitment agencies to fill the staffing gap in your organization.
  • Then the screening process involves the overall selection procedure of the deserving candidate. The screening process involves the actual interview process. Numbers of stages are there which a candidate needs to clear to get the appointment letter. Before the actual screening process, the screening of the application is there to ensures that when the candidates come to the face to face interview, all of them have the required amount of expertise and knowledge that the organization is looking for.
  • The fifth and the most crucial part is evaluation process and control process. The evaluation process includes judging the capabilities of a certain employee.

So the accumulation of all these five stages ensures the selection of the right candidates for the company.

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