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William Almonte – Typical Obstacles That a Recruiting Firm Often Undergoes

William Almonte – Typical Obstacles That a Recruiting Firm Often Undergoes

The drastic changes in the placement and posting system have shifted the gears of how the recruiting firm works. The recruiting firms are one of the essential mediators in the entire pipeline of the job market. There are not only tremendous and unpredictable changes in the recruitment and placement industry but the internal functioning system of maximum organizations, where the specific candidates are placed to have undergone massive changes. There are multiple reasons to the fact, and some of the most common hindrances faced by a recruitment agency shall be discussed below.

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  1. Dealing with increasing rivalry of skilled and able candidates

One of the most critical and budding issues with the recruitment agencies today is to assign and distribute an enormous load of talents altogether. Each nation possesses a large number of institutions and universities in the today’s century. William Almonte, Founder and CEO of Titan Staffing System,  brings to attention the fact, that, the number of institutions has, in fact, doubled up in the recent years producing a vast amount of fresh graduates per year. On the other hand, the ratio of job availability is fluctuating, and some locations have become a part of the downward spiral.  The particular hindrance is more seen in recruitment firms than that of independent recruiters.

  1. Combining skill sets for organizational needs (Market division)

The market division is not a new occurrence but has been an old companion of recruitment firms and even independent recruiters. Since agencies have to perform multiple tasks and set specific benchmarks to find out the best par for the organizations, it is likely that they are exposed to the issues of market fragmentation. In the opinion of William Almonte, Entrepreneur of Titan Staffing Systems, one of the reasons includes, most organizations look for talents that are experienced or skilled in diverse tools, techniques as well as fields.

The contemporary trend of organizational functionality involves mixing and matching various skillsets together that might blend technical skills along with soft skills although the requirements differ from one business to other. It becomes tough for recruiters to hunt down the appropriate candidate from a particular corner of the globe. Apart from the mentioned difficulties, recruiters also find it difficult to follow up with multiple candidates for the same job position and to deal efficiently with the issues of market fragmentation.

  1. Advertising job offers in a efficiently

Last but not the least, recruitment firms often faces issues with advertising positions the right way. A crucial part of this factor is that recruiters create certain job positions in order to get the attention of standard and quality candidates. The particular step needs to be taken in a tactful manner as it can often result in opposite consequences.

However, advertising job roles online is a great medium to call upon the right group of candidates depending on how the advertisement method is tackled. Poor advertisements of positions are often resulting in loss of firm’s time, effort, and finance. It is best to hire an external source to advertise on a larger scale and effective manner. And it is best to make use of the top online media sites as well as established job marketing strategies to obtain higher productivity.

William Almonte – How Does the College Recruitment Process Work

William Almonte – How Does the College Recruitment Process Work

College recruitment has become a matter of concern and institutions are putting maximum effort into obtaining the best of talents from the field. It can both be demonstrated from recruits as well as educational institutions as the recruiters. Colleges and universities are improvising on modern and stronger techniques to suit new hires with the college course specifications so that they can rest assured about a promising career in the long run.

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Native to international, students pay a handful to peruse their education and the job availability are more or less are leading to global downfall. Thus, institutions are on the verge of sharpening their tactics of recruiting supporting talents to enhance knowledge delivery and training. College recruitment process is not just meant for athletic recruitment but also involves other categories. Some of the types shall be demonstrated below.

Employers or real life professionals work with an institution

The particular process is all about knowing, filtering and selecting. According to William Almonte, CEO of titan staffing systeminstitutions are not well equipped about selecting applicants for specific courses. The need for domain-specific student recruiters is essential to pair up the right students with the right courses. Therefore, colleges work as partners with professionals who bring out the top talents suiting the course for the institution. For example, if the intake is open for the medical field, professionals or practitioners from the medical field are recruited by the institution that is placed in a precarious position for the time being.

The experts help in identifying the specific areas of interests and talents of students which is equally beneficial for the students as well as colleges at the same time. Studies show that, even if colleges are armed with adequate recruiting software and recruiting facilities, there are specific detail and specification about recruiting students. And it requires proper experience of drilling down to the existing set of knowledge.

Onsite interviews and campus interviews

In the opinion of William Almonte Mahwah, President of Titan Staffing System,  institutions are also taking up the strategies of different types of interviews. It works wonderfully when it comes to selecting students. This is a talent outsourcing process in which brands and organizations visit the campuses to organize interviews and pick up fresh talents to meet company targets.

This is one of the most potent procedures, in which the HR department of the specific company can afford direct interaction with the students. The emergence of this method was a thrilling sensation among student, as some of them got the opportunity to work with the best brands or even their dream companies. Moreover, the process does not only involve recruiters visiting from the native location but also from distant places.

On the flip side, the onsite interviews are somewhat opposite to the in campus interviews. The candidates are called over rather than the company visiting the institutions. This process is mostly applicable for local students, as it becomes nearly impossible for students to visit the campus. However, in the current century, there is no lack of college recruitment methods that are contributing equally to build a stable career for students as well as increase institutional productivity.

William Almonte Questions The Fact of Operating Recruiters Without Hiring Software

William Almonte Questions The Fact of Operating Recruiters Without Hiring Software

Software has made its place as the strongest helping hands of recruiters in the industry. Recruiting has been definitely possible without the use of software throughout the years. But the point is, reaching the level of perfection and accuracy in terms of hiring. Getting into the work industry has become much more professional and precise. This is mainly where the use of software comes in. There are many more benefits which are discussed below.

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Software gives you a clear picture of hiring-activities

It is difficult to remember and take notes on every action you have called on every resume.  A recruiter you view hundreds of CV each day and you might be making notes in mind what to keep and what to cut-out. The online recruitment software almost acts as your personal assistants to sort out things for you.

As stated by William Almonte, the entire channel helps you to understand that which part you need to focus on and keep book marks on previous activities.

Software made it cost saving and time saving

You can definitely go ahead with hiring a new candidate for your recruitment process. It is not difficult to make your employee work for you to hire a particular person. But when you can reach out to your need right in front, why would you go all the way for the other option. The recruiting software gives you

  • CRM’S
  • Online or Skype interviews
  • Candidate tracking process
  • AI Automation system

In the opinion of William Almonte Mahwah, the software will provide you with much more accurate results. These are one time investments and will not need specific training and attention. An employee can resign at any time and it can be an unfavorable situation. In case of software you will not have to worry about retention or minor human-made mistakes. The entire operation is smoothed by freeing you from tax, training cost, salary cost and other budget outflows.

What happens when you continue hire without software

As said by William Almonte Mahwah, the hiring process includes large number of data, files, past records and information and it is not one or two resume in your mail box every hour but there are a hundred. You need to do the short listing, estimation and responses quickly and efficiently in a short amount of time.

Microsoft excel is one of the basic software that has eased the task for millions today. Using appropriate formulas is an instant solution for the everyday obstacles in the path.

  • Viewing profiles of applicants
  • Maintaining track records
  • Calculating and evaluating results

In a nutshell, with the help of certain software, you can also have the information auto connected to your new created websites or pages.  Also you get it done all at once. For example, if you have chosen a specific type of job profile for yourself, you can register to more than ten jobs at a time. It is definitely less confusing and you can go with the flow.

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William Almonte – Commit To Working With The Best Construction Recruitment Agencies

William Almonte – Commit To Working With The Best Construction Recruitment Agencies

In the modern era of rapid industrialisation and urbanisation, there is an increasing demand for engineers and constructors in modern cities. In fact, the development of urban life is almost dependent on construction. Hence, due to the rising demand and population pressure, the best-in-class constructors are required to manage growth with issues.

William Almonte - Commit To Working With The Best Construction Recruitment Agencies

  1. TRS staffing solutions

According to William Almonte, from the year 1984, TRS Staffing Solutions has been ahead of the construction employment agency. They place candidates from Asia, America, Australia, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

Due to geographical coverage, TRS Staffing Solutions can select specialised individuals and talented teams to achieve the targets and improve. They cover from aerospace to railway and infrastructure.

  1. Shella Consultants

A reliable and trustworthy referral agency for engineering and construction applications provide the best-in-class candidates for the vacancy. Via dense database and creative, consultative selling and expertise in career management, we can service the clients to their utmost satisfaction within a small time frame.

But, William Almonte, founder of titan staffing system mentions that the positions for which we hire candidates are from General Construction Workers to Wall and Spray Painters including Scaffolders, Cost Estimators, Heavy Truck Drivers, Civil Engineers, Shuttering Carpenters and the like.

Focusing on nearly 1.2 million jobs that are to be created by the year 2022, the demand for industrial-skilled individuals is the uprising.

  1. Alliance Recruitment Agency

Construction Recruitment Agencies play a critical role in the supply of workforce for the construction industries. The best construction staffing is available at Alliance International. Providing the best and reliable construction workers skilful for the job and fulfils the client requirement. The construction requirement service is among the very best and knows all the corners of this industry.  As the facilities for construction recruitment are so essential, Alliance Recruitment Agency is safe and reliable.

  1. L.J.B & Co. Construction Recruitment

JLB Recruit is a respected and recognised agency service provider in construction recruitment agencies of London. JLB ranges from construction to residential development sectors. L.J.B & Co. is present in London and the Southeast regions.

Offering temporary and permanent solutions to recruitment for more than 18 years, they have sharpened relationships with several companies.

  1. PSR Solutions

PSR Solutions is among the significant construction industry recruitment in the United Kingdom that provides people with Civil Engineering and Infrastructure. We cultivate, rigid and healthy relationships, with regional and multinational industries allowing several career opportunities.

  1. Thorn Baker Recruitment

Being, one of the large and dedicated teams of construction workers, that provides services across the U.K. The group carries a high-level of understanding regarding the needs and expectations of the clients. The construction consultants feel proud regarding their honesty and clarity of work being responsible, accountable and reliable.

  1. Construction People

Working with companies ranging from top-tier to smaller constructing companies, providing qualified and quality team members on temporary, contract, or, permanent basis. The service provided is excellent with a thorough understanding of the construction industry.

  1. Outpost Recruitment

Since, they specialise in engineering and construction recruitment, an agency with a strong track record regarding decent quality, and recruitment solutions that are cost-efficient to clients across Canada. The client group includes from general contractors to subcontractors.

Therefore, relying on the proper and robust construction recruitment agency is very important as they can provide choice engineers who can contribute to the development of the urban society in a much significant manner.

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William Almonte – Low-Cost Online Recruitment

William Almonte – Low-Cost Online Recruitment

Online recruitment, one of the most important practice of the use of method and specifically Web-based resources for obligations concerned with finding, attracting, assessing, interviewing and hiring new employees. The cause of e-recruitment is to make the processes involved greater green and effective, as well as an awful lot less expensive. Online recruitment can reach a bigger pool of capability personnel and facilitate the selection technique.

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  1. Extensive geographical reach

If an opening is posted online then for obvious reasons, it brings in a lot more people unanimously than it would have accumulated through personal calls. William Almonte , Owner of Titan Staffing Systems says that the job description put online gives you a clear picture of the type of job and requirement of the company and type of candidates the organization is looking for. Where as in traditional recruitment process, the requirement can be manipulated or misinterpreted by the person calling. The level of transparency is more as well as the approach is wide if you are hiring online.

  1. Pace or speed

As far as the posting is concerned, it takes seconds to put in your company’s requirement online. The interested candidates can even apply there and then. This takes very less time. The only time taken is on selecting the right profile and then calling the candidates personally. Now, you know why online staffing is preferred by more and more people nowadays. One can even go through a lot of openings at a time and apply to them. It saves time, energy and improves proficiency.

  1. Low Cost

If you specifically put your organization’s requirement in any job portal, they charge you minimal. Besides, there are free online portals as well where in you can post your company’s opening or even can post your skills and knowledge as a candidate who is free. Isn’t that amazing?

Staff recruitment online costs you very less where as its benefits can be incurred for a longer duration.

  1. Computerized Process

Yes, you read it right! There are portals that can even match up your organization’s requirement with the candidate’s profile and then send you the matched or best-suited profiles. Not only this, the pre-selection procedure can be entirely handled by them. This way you can save the time and then call upon the selected candidates directly within hours or even the same day.

William Almonte, CEO of titan staffing system says that many companies use this online recruitment and levering process to handle their widely spread organization throughout the nation or worldwide. The consistency level of firms is enhanced drastically through this technique.

  1. Communication with applicants

Operating or working online through emails, portals or any other similar technique is a new yet very useful way to handle your work. This not gives you the chance to directly interact with the candidates in a recruitment process but also, makes you available for multitasking at a time. This fast, straight and non- stop the process of online recruitment do wonder for your job and organization.

These all are the essentials benefits of low-cost online recruitment.

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William Almonte – Recruitment Trends in 2018

William Almonte – Recruitment Trends in 2018

Changing your strategies with time is necessary. Otherwise, you can bid farewell to all chances of success and progress. If you are an educated and trained professional, then you need to bag a job that has the potential for promotion in future. If you are the owner of any firm, then you need to hire proper candidates who can look after several departments. One sector has to work in close co-operation with the other, in case both desire to make the profit. So, several trends come and go, depending on the need of the market. It is apparent that you can expect to see specific enhancements in the staffing industry in 2018.

William Almonte - Recruitment Trends in 2018

Diversification is the key to success

With time, both business owners and recruitment experts have understood that without diversification, no one will be able to survive in the market forever. Diversification is the key that drives this competitive recruitment arena. It is not right to keep a fixed rule as far as recruitment is concerned. William Almonte, Owner of Titan Staffing System says that diversification, not only in terms of hiring but also in selecting new locations for setting up new business ventures is a must. After a particular time, all viable resource in a specific area will drain out. To stay afloat in the market, one has to diversify. It stands true both for job seekers and job creators.

Increased use of technological tools

With the introduction of the internet and job sites, the entire face of the recruitment industry has changed. Candidates no longer have to go to different offices and submit their resumes with the hope that they will get a call for an interview. With the access to innumerable job sites, a candidate can open an online account, type in the details and job preferences. In 2018, there will be an increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence. These sites utilize unique Chatbots, which will match the job seekers’ profiles with job openings. Due to the inclusion of artificial intelligence, the process has become very easy and hassle-free.

Taking the help of social media

If you think that you need to open a profile on the job sites to bag an opportunity, then it is the time that you learn something about another trend that has already started in 2017 but will grow in 2018. Most recruiters advertise about any opening on the social media platforms. As every individual has a representation in one social medium or another, the news will reach the right destination immediately. Even the ace recruitment firm owner Mr. William Almonte stresses the importance of maintaining and updating social media profiles. It will provide recruiters information about the personal interests of the candidate as well.

Looking after the needs of employees

Though the HR department looks after the needs of workers, it is clear that each industry will see several changes in 2018. They are all set to provide employees with flexible working hours, work from home as well as additional fiscal benefits. So, these will elevate the reputation of the agency and will also meet the requirements of employees.

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William Almonte – Why Work With A Recruitment Agent?

William Almonte – Why Work With A Recruitment Agent?

It is easy for a seasoned professional to search for a new job in a market that is considered so competitive. But the same cannot be said about an applicant who is just starting out in this cut-throat professional sector. They have the degrees, but they lack knowledge about the openings, present in the market. In fact, they do not have proper information about which industry will suit their requirements and will give them an adequate platform that will allow them to flourish professionally.

William Almonte - Why Work With A Recruitment Agent?

It is here that the importance of a staffing agency comes to the forefront. If you desire to maximize your chances of occupational prosperity, then you may get the assistance from these firms or get in touch with private recruiters. The individual recruiters play the same role as the agencies do, but they work on their own and do not represent any company. So, William Almonte bets his money on the significance of staffing agents.

Assurance of maximum exposure

The novice job seekers do not have any idea about which organizations are likely to find their resume up to the mark. In fact, they lack hold on the entire topic of job search. With the assistance of a staffing agent, the applicant’s resume will reach the desk of all recruiters. The agents have a tab on the professional market and maintain their database. So, they have an idea about the openings. Armed with these weapons, the mediators will make sure that your resume goes to the right offices.

Accessing the abilities of the applicant

Any competent and reputed recruitment agent, who has been working in the industry for so long, will be able to evaluate the proficiency of the applicant within on time. A good agent will give the applicants a clear idea about the kind of job opportunities they may get and the expected salary scale. The beginners may make mistakes while choosing a particular job. When they take the help of recruiters, they will only get the contact details of those opportunities, which will match up to the competence of each candidate. William Almonte is the owner of a reputed staffing agency himself, and he knows all about the task of an agent.

Bridging the gap between candidates and employers

When a candidate or an organization that seeks to appoint new candidates, get in touch with any recruitment agent, each party can be rest assured that they will get a connection soon. The recruiters have their vested interests, and so, they will move heaven and hell to pair a proper applicant with a matching employer.

These points highlight why the demand for proficient recruiters is high in the market. It is safe to comment that the demand will keep on rising in the days to come. The number of students steeping over the threshold of the academic institutes and gearing up to take part in the professional arena is rising on an annual basis. It is better to strengthen the foundation with the assistance of the experts.

William Almonte – What Are The Advantages Of Online Recruitment?

William Almonte – What Are The Advantages Of Online Recruitment?

Today internet has great uses and people depend on this media for everything. The Internet plays a very important role in the professional field and recruitment process is also highly dependent on this platform in the modern day. You can use this platform to make the world closer to you, and you can contact with any of the candidates from any part of the world through this network. There are different web portals available for different purposes, and you get several web pages that deal with the recruitment process.

William Almonte
Advantages of the online recruitment

Online web portals for recruitment are beneficial in various ways. Recruiters are the bridge between the job seekers and the hirers of the employees. Online recruitment processes are very successful in providing efficient workers from different parts of the world to the companies. These advantages are discussed in the following points.

• Time saving

The online recruitment process can save the time of the recruiters. Online recruitment sites allow the job seekers to upload their resumes and according to their degree and experiences the recruiters forward their resumes to the companies and interact with them for the desired opportunity. On the other hand, William Almonte says, different companies also can express their demands for the employees. According to the demands of the companies, recruiters check the resumes of their candidates and refer them as soon as possible. So in this process, they have no need to wait for the resumes or send them to the companies in any other way.

• Lower hire cost
The job portals allow the job seekers to upload their resumes and preferable job roles ‘in a very low rate and the companies also has to pay a low rate to the job portals. The online job portals are less expensive than the other mediums.

• Easy accessible

There are different layouts of the several job portals, and the features of the online job portals can be handled in an easy way. The options are always given, and the steps are very easy to follow. You can get onto the sites and upload the resume, or you can fill up their required information. Then you will get to go through the jobs that will suit you as well. So it is easy to handle for the internet users to find a suitable job in surrounding area. The editing options at this site are also very easy to access, and you can update the sites to get more information related to your demand.

• More scopes for the online candidates

According to William Almonte, these online job portals show huge opportunities to the job seekers. People can filter their search according to their preferences, and they get a large scale result. These online portals for the jobs are perfect for the candidates who want to get a job at any place across the world. The companies from various parts of the world want some good quality and skilled employees.

These above-mentioned points can tell you the reasons for using the online job portals. These job portals are beneficial to the people who want to get a satisfactory job in the competitive market.
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William Almonte – Advantages Of Online Recruitment Facilities Available Now A Days

William Almonte – Advantages Of Online Recruitment Facilities Available Now A Days

Online recruitment has done revolution in recruitment industry that benefits job seekers and employers both. It accelerates the whole process. In the era of quick hiring, the online recruitment is better than offline and traditional recruitment which takes a lot of time. The recruitment expert William Almonte said that when people will completely know the huge advantages and importance of online recruitment, it will increase more and more. Here are the important advantages of online recruitment facilities given below.
William Almonte - Why There Are So Many Recruiting Software Packages

Time saving

Online recruitment saves time. It is the first advantage of this kind of recruitment. If you are searching for a job, you can carry on your searching twenty four hours a day. It minimizes the time spent screening and also informing applicants about the status of applications.

Save the hiring cost

For businesses, cost of recruitment is among the highest expenses. But online recruitment is cost-effective. There are many platforms or websites that allow to post job opening at free of cost. It reduces labour cost also. Yes, a little bit of money is required to invest in candidate screening, but after that you can be able to save more money during the process of recruitment.


In online recruitment process posts and replies appear in proper time. That can do help you increase efforts of recruiters to attract more candidates and it can even stop you from applying if they have found a good-fit for the job.


Traditional newspapers advertisement or other printed media ads last fot a limited time period. It depends on other to be published. And the ad will be seen for comparatively small amount of time. On the other hand, online job advertisement can stay live until it is removed from website.

Reach a bigger audience

Online recruiters can target a large audience and don’t have to do any extra payment. For this reason online recruiting is far better than traditional methods. Recruiters can reach to candidates with just a click of a mouse. It is an excellent trick to allow the organization to post job openings on their websites. That not only allows potential employers to search highly skilled candidates, but also can attract those candidates who may not be interested in searching jobs.

Easy access to employers

Employers of companies can easily access the candidates through the online recruitment. Even they can contact with candidates easily. Online services have made it easy.

Broadened the scope of candidates

What William Almonte says, is always proved as beneficial to candidates. He said that the online job portal maximizes the scope for candidates. Candidates also can easily access the job and post resumes and contact with recruiters at the same time. Candidates can learn about company, job location and the skills that the employers are expecting for.

So, there is no doubt that online recruitment plays key role in hiring process. Online recruitment services have become the most widely used hiring technique by recruitment agencies. The advantages or benefits it is giving are equally significant for recruiters, candidates and employers as well.

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William Almonte – How To Start A Staffing And Recruitment Agency Nowadays?

William Almonte – How To Start A Staffing And Recruitment Agency Nowadays?

 In today’s time to start an agency of one’s own is pretty easy. All that is required is patience, perseverance and also need to be abreast with the legal procedures and other such technical knowledge. The process of starting a staffing and recruiting agency nowadays can be broken down into the following:

William Almonte - How To Start A Staffing And Recruitment Agency Nowadays?

  1. Legal procedures:
  • Corporate business structure: To start any business it is required to build up a strong and compact corporate business structure to protect the owners from any liabilities caused due to the error of any of their hired employees.
  • License/ Registration: According to William Almonte, after the business structure is set up, one must get the Company registered under the State it will be functioning. After which the State will provide with a Tax Identification Number which will be required to pay for the business’ taxes.
  • Business Insurance:It is required to have general liability insurance as well as a worker’s compensation for long term staff recruits. You can consult your insurance agent and discuss your Company’s needs and requirements to sketch up plans to cover up all possible requirements.
  1. General Requirements:
  • Firstly, it is required to decide on what type of recruiting agency you want to start with.
  • Then, one must decide on the demand of the staffing and recruiting agency in the area.
  • Followed by obtaining the legal documents as mentioned above.
  • As per the statement of William Almonte, each and every business needs a proper business strategy and a detailed business plan in order to attract clients and applicants and also for the Company’s marketing plan and income.
  • One must also require proper capital in order to cover all expenses in case the businesses that hire your candidates are late in paying their invoices.
  • It is better to hire a legal lawyer to draw up the contracts to keep out of trouble.
  • The most important part is to get a space in prime locations in the city and preferably on the main streets to attract more applications.
  • Work on attracting more applications through advertisements in Social media, newspapers, and magazines. It is also wise to link up with online job portals to get more applications.
  • Set up a payroll system that compliments your business.
  • Purchase quality equipment for the office like fax machine, printers and so on.
  • In order to attract business, it is required to use mailing staffs and yellow pages.

The fact cannot be denied that a good recruiter always comes in handy in the process of searching a good job. However, if all the traits of a good recruiter are known, the work is simplified. Many of the recent recruitment too many big companies has seen the involvement of the reputed recruiters.It is important to go through the history of all the recruitment process that the recruiter has undertaken since its inception in the market. The online presence of your company also assists you in choosing the right and absolutely reliable recruiter as well.

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