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William Almonte – Top 5 Job Interview Tweaks to Highlight Your Name in Recruiters’ Document

William Almonte – Top 5 Job Interview Tweaks to Highlight Your Name in Recruiters’ Document


The job industry has massively been modified. Now that interviewer implements newer techniques for taking the rounds of interview, it is also job seekers’ responsibility to give a positive impact. You can easily obtain a good interview and make your name get highlighted in the document of recruiters. But for that, you must follow the simplest tricks which have been mentioned right below. Read on.

  1. Research properly before you appear for the interview –

You must be excited about the job which you are trying your hands on, isn’t it? So, when the interviewer asks you to come for the interview, make sure you are done with the researches as per needs. You must survey about the company from the Internet, such that when the interviewer asks you about the company, you don’t hesitate to give your prompt overview about the company in details.

  1. Be Bold with your words and look sharp –

Considering looking sharp at the interview is one of the pivotal things to consider. So ahead of proceeding with interviews, make sure you are in formals. For example, a trouser and a white shirt would complement your bold behavior during the session of your interview. Also, you must keep in mind to be bold with your words so as to make your name highlighted in the recruitment’s’ record.

  1. Show your enthusiasm –

You must be enthusiastic about the interview. This leads to a positive impact on your personality, says William Almonte. Suppose you aren’t motivated, you might lose the opportunity to get the job then and there. In order to make sure your interview likes your personality, you must create a terrific first impression. A firm handshake wouldn’t be an unfair idea. Even if you feel shaky from the inside, your exterior confidence will lead to getting the chance to be a part of the company.

  1. Before you answer your questions, please listen –

Job seekers always make a mistake, and that is, they talk a lot and forget to look to their interviewers. This, however, makes your interviewer think that you are not good enough for the position you have applied for. So, to deliver a terrific first impression, you must choose to stay quiet when the interviewer is speaking. And instead, show your confidence while you have been asked to answer something. This will lead to a positive conclusion.

  1. Be on time (if not early) –

Time and again, it is suggested by William Almonte Mahwah that every job seeker must be on time. And if you cannot go a bit early, then don’t be late. Once you enter late, your first impression will speak negatively. Even if you have been asked to wait for a couple of hours, you must not check out from the exit door. This will judge the level of your patience. So be on time, and go for the interview process.

The Final Words

This ends the discussion about the 5 tricks to highlight your name in the interviewers’ record. In the end, hopefully, now you will have a positive review after giving the interview.

William Almonte – The classification of recruitment and their various types

William Almonte – The classification of recruitment and their various types

Recruitment is the selection of new aspiring candidates for a certain post or job in a particular company or organization. A separate recruiting team usually does hiring with a proper recruitment strategy. It ensures that the employing company hires a deserving, high quality and long-term candidate.


Classification of Recruitment

Recruitment can be broadly classified as – internal and external recruitment. Internal recruitment is the recruiting process of already employing candidates of the company, for a different post or job. According to William Almonte Mahwah, external recruitment is the system of selecting aspiring candidates for a position in a company from people outside the company’s existing employees. These two forms of recruitment also have a number of types under each one of them. Here are some of the major types of internal and external recruitments:

Internal Recruitment

It is the process of selection of candidates for a different job profile, from the already existing candidates of the company. This ensures the company with high experience in its upper-level jobs as well as vacates the lower posts for tenacious and persevering candidates. The few types of internal recruitment are:

  • Promotion is the form of recruitment where a working employee is asked to vacate his or her post for accepting a higher or better post in the organisation. With an increase in allowance and better facilities, it is mostly good news for the employee.
  • Transfer is the process of changing the working branch of a person to another branch. A company often has a number of branches, and there are times when one branch has excess employees, and another branch lacks employees. William Almonte believes that it is a process to maintain the balance of employees among the various branches.
  • Recruiting former employees is also a common practice adopted by companies from time to time. Here, as the name suggests, former or ex-employees are called up for recruitment often for similar posts and sometimes even for better posts.

External Recruitment

In this classification of recruitment, the company conducts recruitment process and selects employees from outside the organisation’s existing employees. This is usually for the lower post jobs which don’t necessarily require a lot of experience. Below are some major types of external recruitment:

  • Direct recruitment is, as it sounds, the direct and most general process of recruitment where the company hires a new employee from among the aspiring candidates.
  • Employee exchanges are usually government programmes, where the details of the candidates are stored. In case of any vacancy, the details are provided to the companies for job recruitment. This helps the less experienced candidates, and freshers also get recruited.
  • Employment agencies are separate companies that are specialised in providing an employee seeker with recruits. They act as a middleman for recruitment. They are a major external source of recruits for many major companies.

Besides these, there are other types of recruitments also under internal and external recruitments. The above-mentioned ones are the significant types overall. The different types of recruitments can be kept in mind by the aspiring job seeker, and they should make it a point to avail of all their options.

William Almonte Mahwah – 5 Tips to Become a Booming Staff Agency

William Almonte Mahwah – 5 Tips to Become a Booming Staff Agency

Whether you are new in this staffing field, or you have already been into this platform for a longer period of time, you already know how challenging it becomes to stay booming into this field. Irrespective of the aforementioned ideas, there are ways to improve your staffing firm. In this particular guide, you will be getting a vivid idea about how to become a successful staffing agency. Read on and know what the criteria are to stay booming as a staffing company.

William Almonte Mahwah

Consider these things if you want to become a successful staffing agency

While it is true that the utilization of the staffing firm is rising, the relationships that clients have with the staffing firms are much to be considered as desirable. According to William Almonte, giving job interview is not a matter of joke. So before hiring employees, every staffing agency must consider certain criteria. Below are the things to note in order to become a successful staffing company in this 21st century world.

You will have to streamline your recruiting process – As discussed above, William Almonte Mahwah said that job recruiting a not a matter of joke. So when you want to grow as a company in the field of staffing progressively, then consider hiring effectively. Remember that better recruitment can only come with better hiring processes.

You will have to consider creating a follow-up system – You can surely attempt making your employees sure to always follow up with the emails, inquiries, as well as phone calls, from both the current as well as prospective clients. So consider creating a follow-up system.

You will really have to optimize mobile – If you aren’t ready for this, then the reminder is that you are losing out on the selling front. If the website that you have chosen takes too long to get loaded or users will have to pinch the screen on a smartphone or any mobile device, then you can seamlessly bid goodbye to any of your visitors.

Social Media feedback – You will have to respond quickly to the input of the clients on the social media platform. Now that the social media happens to be one of the popular platforms to boast any of your businesses, you can take a good opportunity to use the platform effectively. You will have to understand that if you don’t respond to client feedback, then you won’t be able to run a good staffing agency.

Success stories are a must-share option for you – If you already have potential clients needing a staffing firm, you might not have the confirmation of whether or not they are convinced with your staffing firm. So in that case, if you consider creating your written stories, then it would only excel your staffing firm with flying colors.

The Final Words

Now that you have been given a fair idea about how to flourish your staffing agency, carry forward with the aforementioned ideas and effectively build up your company.

William Almonte | Key Qualities of a Successful Recruiter

William Almonte | Key Qualities of a Successful Recruiter

The task of a recruiter is demanding. It requires thorough professionalism on behalf of the recruiter. The essential qualities that a successful recruiter must possess are confidence, insightfulness in recruiting candidates, planning and execution, maintaining screening employees for select attributes. The job is not an easy one, but given the mentioned attributes are preserved, a recruiter can shine.

william almonte mahwah

A clear and concise agenda

According to William Almonte, effective communication is the key. Correspondence between the potential employees and the recruiter requires a clear and concise plan. The recruiter needs to successfully tell his candidates exactly which abilities he is looking for in his employees for hiring. Any form of ambiguities and unsorted issues are is not appreciated before hiring. A bright recruiter must have the ability to channel his ideas efficiently among his candidates so that candidates who are looking for the job have a full picture of what’s required of them in this highly competitive job market.

Training, Interview, Becoming a Guide

A recruiter must operate within a specific set of values or codes. A popular recruiter has the proper training to sort the right profiles meeting the requirements of the company, contact the applicant as well as letting him know when and where the interview is scheduled, and informing the candidates the issues and challenges they will face during their career in the company. For William Almonte Mahwah, a recruiter is not just only a recruiter; he should be a guiding agent and a person to depend on for the job seekers.

Research and Communication

The task of the recruiter is cut in between research and communication. They have to filter his available options from the vast pool of potential candidates of the job market and make a strong bond of friendship with the selected candidates. This process is not a limited one but cycles continuously iterating the steps towards building a long-lasting relationship. The job of the recruiter is not to make the process tedious for the candidates.

Trust and the Two-way bond

A successful recruiter performs a two-way task. They must know carefully and understand the company’s need for which they conduct their recruitment and see and screen certain qualities among the interviewees to select the deserving candidate. Another must-have for successful recruiters is their ability to connect and make new bonds with different kinds of people in the market, enhance their trust quotient and attract a new set of fresher and job seekers.

Flexibility to tackle a difficult situation

The recruiter needs to make the job searching process for the people in the lookout for jobs an effective one from the beginning. The job market is vast, so very easily a candidate can get lost. The recruiter’s job is to ensure that these people get help in the recruitment process. A professional recruiter should also be lenient in case there is a need for rescheduling any interview and must keep his cool while selecting candidates.By fruitfully observing these attributes a recruiter can become successful.

William Almonte – How Become The Spotlight In The Recruiter’s Record

William Almonte – How Become The Spotlight In The Recruiter’s Record

There are interviewers who ask the same old typical questions like ‘why should we hire you’ or ‘tell me something about yourself’, and then there are interviewers who can make you drag into interesting conversations and meanwhile attempt knowing your potentials and weaknesses. Safely and promisingly, we would always like to take the opportunity to meet the latter recruiters. But as they say, this globe consists of people in variety, so the possibility of having the pleasure of meeting well enough interviewers is little. Therefore, one must choose to stay active and become the spotlight in any and every interviewer’s record.

William Almonte Mahwah

Howto Highlight Your Name in Interviewers’ Documents?

First off, challenges and outcomes are two significant things that you should discuss with your interviewer. Recruiters find smart candidates in order to save the company, reports William Almonte. Great to know would be the application you have delivered with your prior organization. Don’t forget to discuss the skills that can make you a well-qualified employee for the organization you have gone for.

It’s disappointing when people stumble over the easiest question asked, i.e., talking about yourself. If you are a fresher, you just have to denote how much you are qualified. But when experienced, you just have to mention the good enough projects you have been in. So, make yourself ready to sketch all details about your projects.

You must ask right questions. Your interview questions must involve some of the questions that are related to your job profile. Also, you must talk about the organization’s culture. How you will fit the company is the most important thing that you must mention in the personal interview round, and hence mentioning everything will only highlight your resume for the next rounds to follow.

The most pivotal point to mention is a thoughtful note for your recruiter or HR (whoever is taking the interview). In case you get appointed, then the thoughtful note you have had given to your interviewer would increase the density of your character and hence your office environment would also get friendly while working.

Lastly, please wear formals, as suggested by William Almonte Mahwah. When you consider a bit more about your appearance, interviewers will anticipate your confidence to work for a reputed company. Give more time to your apparel and carry confidence along with your personality.

Before you Begin Job Hunting

Now that we have mentioned all necessary things before going for an interview make sure you are punctual and go on right time (if not early). It is worth mentioning that both recruiters, as well as job seekers, have to walk parallel in order to obtain company’s marginal profit. For a good work environment, behavior and attributes are major to work on. So before you go for an interview, you should be enough polished such that in any situation you excel with time. Hopefully, you are going to do well in your interview if the aforementioned things are followed.

For more information :

William Almonte – Top Online Useful Recruitment Strategies Used Today

William Almonte – Top Online Useful Recruitment Strategies Used Today

The recruiting firms enter the recruiting planning strategy along with the highest goal potential. Yet, the recruits you opt for are often looking for some amazing positions in unlikely places. Not the entire potential recruits are looking at any online job portal. It is also improbable that you will surely find all your recruits in the trade magazines or respond to an ad in a newspaper. Sometimes you will surely find the majority of your recruits using only one feasible method described in this specific manual. Other times you will surely find that a mixture of all the strategies is required to have the stream of potential recruits continually.

William Almonte

According to William Almonte, this is possible to have the certain percentage of potential recruits finding you eventually, but you require providing up to the ideal that this form of recruiting will give your stream of recruits to fulfill all your staffing needs. You seriously require having the plan set up instead that adopts the certain recruiting strategy that proactively finds them.

Recruiting Dynamics to know

The staffing recruiters have a lot of options while opting for work with the staffing firm. Recruiting Dynamics is all about targeting the recruit using some strategic approach that hones in the recruiting procedure to individuals and then builds a strong friendship with them over time. The procedure is long-lasting, slow-moving yet permits to build relationships along with potential and future recruits.

According to William Almonte Mahwah, recruiting dynamics approach to permit the medical staffing firm to seek out recruits along with the intention of one day using them as the specific source of referrals and client recommendation. This is also practical that these recruits will one-day be the directors or managers of future facilities. Your friendly and nice relationship building will permit you to use these recruits as a reference base. The recruiting Dynamics is not only a one procedure event. This is a long-term process, which will continually flourish with a goal of keeping and having your agency stay in business long after the initial phase.

Whenever you are going to choose a proper recruiter, you have to make sure that you check each and every process of it. Knowing the entire details of a recruiter is very important, and that is why proper research is essential. This has been used to describe the continual process. A procedure, which flows as well as changes as it moves from one event to another.

William Almonte – The Role of The HRM Department In The Recruitment Realm

William Almonte – The Role of The HRM Department In The Recruitment Realm

The role of the Human Resource department in an organization is indispensable. With the change in technology and society, the role of an HR is ever evolving. Nowadays it is not only restricted to recruiting and hiring of staff. The Human Resource Management (HRM) deals with the framing and implementing strategies required to recruit, hire and retain employees in a company.

William Almonte Mahwah

The evolution of HRM over the years

The industrial revolution had let to the growth and proliferation of industries. With time, there have been massive instances where laborers were mistreated, overworked, and underpaid. To check these issues trade unions and labor unions were formed that championed the cause of workers. In the modern era, it can be said that the Human Resource Management is an evolution of the trade unions. At present, in a company, the HR department is entrusted with the recruiting and hiring of employees. An employee is inducted into the folds of the company through it. William Almonte, Owner of Titan Staffing system often feels during employment the HR department has to resolve conflicts between the employees and employers. To conform to the ever-changing demands and fast pace of the world, the HR department has again evolved into HRM

The HRM department and its powerful tools

The HRM department has to deal with a lot of financial, legal and administrative issues for recruiting employees. William Almonte, President of Titan Staffing System rightly says that HRM is the connecting link between the various departments. An HRM manager has to know the workings and status of all the departments. The HRM has to come up with the right kind of hiring strategies and tools. Questionnaires, surveys, interviews, charts, statistical analysis, referral programs, etc. are the primary tools that an HRM manager requires when he is recruiting. The 4Cs of HRM includes Competence, Commitment, Congruence, and Cost-effectiveness.

HRM has effectively streamlined the recruiting process

The most crucial task underlined for an HRM manager is that has to look after the recruiting process. One of one main problem that recruiters face is that there is a disparity between demand and supply. The candidates lined up do not meet the needs the present requirements of the company. A lot of expenses and time of the company is wasted in search for the right employee. The role of the HRM department is to reduce this unwanted recruiting cost. Often a substantial number of young people are recruited. A turnover of young recruits is a burden. The HRM manager can hire some of them in the form of interns, trainees or apprentice.

The HRM has simplified the overall recruiting process. The recruiting process involves a lot of legalities, and financial issues are involved. The HRM also explains the company rules and regulations, employees’ benefits, incentives, compensation criteria, etc. to the potential candidates.  From scouting the right kind of profile to inducting them into the organization is done by the HRM department. The growth and development of a company are dependent upon its efficient Human Resource Management department.

William Almonte – Typical Obstacles That a Recruiting Firm Often Undergoes

William Almonte – Typical Obstacles That a Recruiting Firm Often Undergoes

The drastic changes in the placement and posting system have shifted the gears of how the recruiting firm works. The recruiting firms are one of the essential mediators in the entire pipeline of the job market. There are not only tremendous and unpredictable changes in the recruitment and placement industry but the internal functioning system of maximum organizations, where the specific candidates are placed to have undergone massive changes. There are multiple reasons to the fact, and some of the most common hindrances faced by a recruitment agency shall be discussed below.

William Almonte Mahwah

  1. Dealing with increasing rivalry of skilled and able candidates

One of the most critical and budding issues with the recruitment agencies today is to assign and distribute an enormous load of talents altogether. Each nation possesses a large number of institutions and universities in the today’s century. William Almonte, Founder and CEO of Titan Staffing System,  brings to attention the fact, that, the number of institutions has, in fact, doubled up in the recent years producing a vast amount of fresh graduates per year. On the other hand, the ratio of job availability is fluctuating, and some locations have become a part of the downward spiral.  The particular hindrance is more seen in recruitment firms than that of independent recruiters.

  1. Combining skill sets for organizational needs (Market division)

The market division is not a new occurrence but has been an old companion of recruitment firms and even independent recruiters. Since agencies have to perform multiple tasks and set specific benchmarks to find out the best par for the organizations, it is likely that they are exposed to the issues of market fragmentation. In the opinion of William Almonte, Entrepreneur of Titan Staffing Systems, one of the reasons includes, most organizations look for talents that are experienced or skilled in diverse tools, techniques as well as fields.

The contemporary trend of organizational functionality involves mixing and matching various skillsets together that might blend technical skills along with soft skills although the requirements differ from one business to other. It becomes tough for recruiters to hunt down the appropriate candidate from a particular corner of the globe. Apart from the mentioned difficulties, recruiters also find it difficult to follow up with multiple candidates for the same job position and to deal efficiently with the issues of market fragmentation.

  1. Advertising job offers in a efficiently

Last but not the least, recruitment firms often faces issues with advertising positions the right way. A crucial part of this factor is that recruiters create certain job positions in order to get the attention of standard and quality candidates. The particular step needs to be taken in a tactful manner as it can often result in opposite consequences.

However, advertising job roles online is a great medium to call upon the right group of candidates depending on how the advertisement method is tackled. Poor advertisements of positions are often resulting in loss of firm’s time, effort, and finance. It is best to hire an external source to advertise on a larger scale and effective manner. And it is best to make use of the top online media sites as well as established job marketing strategies to obtain higher productivity.

William Almonte – How Does the College Recruitment Process Work

William Almonte – How Does the College Recruitment Process Work

College recruitment has become a matter of concern and institutions are putting maximum effort into obtaining the best of talents from the field. It can both be demonstrated from recruits as well as educational institutions as the recruiters. Colleges and universities are improvising on modern and stronger techniques to suit new hires with the college course specifications so that they can rest assured about a promising career in the long run.

William Almonte Mahwah

Native to international, students pay a handful to peruse their education and the job availability are more or less are leading to global downfall. Thus, institutions are on the verge of sharpening their tactics of recruiting supporting talents to enhance knowledge delivery and training. College recruitment process is not just meant for athletic recruitment but also involves other categories. Some of the types shall be demonstrated below.

Employers or real life professionals work with an institution

The particular process is all about knowing, filtering and selecting. According to William Almonte, CEO of titan staffing systeminstitutions are not well equipped about selecting applicants for specific courses. The need for domain-specific student recruiters is essential to pair up the right students with the right courses. Therefore, colleges work as partners with professionals who bring out the top talents suiting the course for the institution. For example, if the intake is open for the medical field, professionals or practitioners from the medical field are recruited by the institution that is placed in a precarious position for the time being.

The experts help in identifying the specific areas of interests and talents of students which is equally beneficial for the students as well as colleges at the same time. Studies show that, even if colleges are armed with adequate recruiting software and recruiting facilities, there are specific detail and specification about recruiting students. And it requires proper experience of drilling down to the existing set of knowledge.

Onsite interviews and campus interviews

In the opinion of William Almonte Mahwah, President of Titan Staffing System,  institutions are also taking up the strategies of different types of interviews. It works wonderfully when it comes to selecting students. This is a talent outsourcing process in which brands and organizations visit the campuses to organize interviews and pick up fresh talents to meet company targets.

This is one of the most potent procedures, in which the HR department of the specific company can afford direct interaction with the students. The emergence of this method was a thrilling sensation among student, as some of them got the opportunity to work with the best brands or even their dream companies. Moreover, the process does not only involve recruiters visiting from the native location but also from distant places.

On the flip side, the onsite interviews are somewhat opposite to the in campus interviews. The candidates are called over rather than the company visiting the institutions. This process is mostly applicable for local students, as it becomes nearly impossible for students to visit the campus. However, in the current century, there is no lack of college recruitment methods that are contributing equally to build a stable career for students as well as increase institutional productivity.

William Almonte Questions The Fact of Operating Recruiters Without Hiring Software

William Almonte Questions The Fact of Operating Recruiters Without Hiring Software

Software has made its place as the strongest helping hands of recruiters in the industry. Recruiting has been definitely possible without the use of software throughout the years. But the point is, reaching the level of perfection and accuracy in terms of hiring. Getting into the work industry has become much more professional and precise. This is mainly where the use of software comes in. There are many more benefits which are discussed below.

William Almonte Mahwah

Software gives you a clear picture of hiring-activities

It is difficult to remember and take notes on every action you have called on every resume.  A recruiter you view hundreds of CV each day and you might be making notes in mind what to keep and what to cut-out. The online recruitment software almost acts as your personal assistants to sort out things for you.

As stated by William Almonte, the entire channel helps you to understand that which part you need to focus on and keep book marks on previous activities.

Software made it cost saving and time saving

You can definitely go ahead with hiring a new candidate for your recruitment process. It is not difficult to make your employee work for you to hire a particular person. But when you can reach out to your need right in front, why would you go all the way for the other option. The recruiting software gives you

  • CRM’S
  • Online or Skype interviews
  • Candidate tracking process
  • AI Automation system

In the opinion of William Almonte Mahwah, the software will provide you with much more accurate results. These are one time investments and will not need specific training and attention. An employee can resign at any time and it can be an unfavorable situation. In case of software you will not have to worry about retention or minor human-made mistakes. The entire operation is smoothed by freeing you from tax, training cost, salary cost and other budget outflows.

What happens when you continue hire without software

As said by William Almonte Mahwah, the hiring process includes large number of data, files, past records and information and it is not one or two resume in your mail box every hour but there are a hundred. You need to do the short listing, estimation and responses quickly and efficiently in a short amount of time.

Microsoft excel is one of the basic software that has eased the task for millions today. Using appropriate formulas is an instant solution for the everyday obstacles in the path.

  • Viewing profiles of applicants
  • Maintaining track records
  • Calculating and evaluating results

In a nutshell, with the help of certain software, you can also have the information auto connected to your new created websites or pages.  Also you get it done all at once. For example, if you have chosen a specific type of job profile for yourself, you can register to more than ten jobs at a time. It is definitely less confusing and you can go with the flow.

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