William Almonte – The classification of recruitment and their various types

William Almonte – The classification of recruitment and their various types

Recruitment is the selection of new aspiring candidates for a certain post or job in a particular company or organization. A separate recruiting team usually does hiring with a proper recruitment strategy. It ensures that the employing company hires a deserving, high quality and long-term candidate.


Classification of Recruitment

Recruitment can be broadly classified as – internal and external recruitment. Internal recruitment is the recruiting process of already employing candidates of the company, for a different post or job. According to William Almonte Mahwah, external recruitment is the system of selecting aspiring candidates for a position in a company from people outside the company’s existing employees. These two forms of recruitment also have a number of types under each one of them. Here are some of the major types of internal and external recruitments:

Internal Recruitment

It is the process of selection of candidates for a different job profile, from the already existing candidates of the company. This ensures the company with high experience in its upper-level jobs as well as vacates the lower posts for tenacious and persevering candidates. The few types of internal recruitment are:

  • Promotion is the form of recruitment where a working employee is asked to vacate his or her post for accepting a higher or better post in the organisation. With an increase in allowance and better facilities, it is mostly good news for the employee.
  • Transfer is the process of changing the working branch of a person to another branch. A company often has a number of branches, and there are times when one branch has excess employees, and another branch lacks employees. William Almonte believes that it is a process to maintain the balance of employees among the various branches.
  • Recruiting former employees is also a common practice adopted by companies from time to time. Here, as the name suggests, former or ex-employees are called up for recruitment often for similar posts and sometimes even for better posts.

External Recruitment

In this classification of recruitment, the company conducts recruitment process and selects employees from outside the organisation’s existing employees. This is usually for the lower post jobs which don’t necessarily require a lot of experience. Below are some major types of external recruitment:

  • Direct recruitment is, as it sounds, the direct and most general process of recruitment where the company hires a new employee from among the aspiring candidates.
  • Employee exchanges are usually government programmes, where the details of the candidates are stored. In case of any vacancy, the details are provided to the companies for job recruitment. This helps the less experienced candidates, and freshers also get recruited.
  • Employment agencies are separate companies that are specialised in providing an employee seeker with recruits. They act as a middleman for recruitment. They are a major external source of recruits for many major companies.

Besides these, there are other types of recruitments also under internal and external recruitments. The above-mentioned ones are the significant types overall. The different types of recruitments can be kept in mind by the aspiring job seeker, and they should make it a point to avail of all their options.

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