William Almonte – How To Care And Feed Your Recruiter?

William Almonte – How To Care And Feed Your Recruiter?

In the corporate industry, recruitment plays a significant and an influential role to get people hired and also filling up vacancies in employer’s company. No matter how much potential you have, a recruiter can definitely pave the path for you to the destination. Similarly, it also helps employer companies by finding their best match to fill the vacant positions they offer. Hence it is very important for the candidates to build up a good rapport with the recruiters. Whether you are fresher yet, or already in the field and experiencing the ground, recruiters do have an effective presence in your career.

William Almonte - How To Care And Feed Your Recruiter

There are quite misconceptions float about the recruiters in the market, which does nothing but take you in the back seat in the run for a career. Mr. William Almonte also finds it agreeable that, recruiters are meant to locate applicants for the vacancies been assigned to them by the employers. They are technically not supposed to hunt jobs for the candidates. So here we have jotted down some tips, to help you maintain a healthy professional relationship with your recruiters.

Hire a specialist

Recruitment is a big industry itself, so to find your footing through a recruiter you must appoint a specialist. Some recruiters are specialist in an industry while some are in position. So depending on your need, you may hire a recruiter who is expertise either in positions such as sales, marketing or engineers. Or else expert in domains like insurance, hospitality or accounting may get you benefit.

Be upfront and honest

Dealing with recruiters and maintaining a healthy relation with them requires you, to be honest, and disclose honestly about your previous experiences. Be it good or bad, as per Mr. William Almonte, recruiters can handle a difficult situation if they are well informed. So in order to turn the table in your favor, you must disclose the past salary, reason for quitting the previous organizations and everything related to it.

Be energized

Since a recruiter works on his client company’s behalf, he is representing them to judge you whether or not you are suitable for the position. So being a candidate you always have to be cautious while giving an interview, be it in person or over the phone. You have to sound energetic and interest in your job, then only you can enhance your chance of coming into their notice. If they get interested in you, they might very well open other job opportunities for you too.

Follow and reciprocate

While having a conversation with a recruiter, let him take charge in it, and responds accordingly. Your answers should either be brief or elaborate depending on his promptness. This way he will evaluate you and judge the candidacy in you. So it is better if you reciprocate attentively.

It is always better to know beforehand the way to follow up them if they are expecting you to do so. Otherwise just keep in mind that they are well aware of their job, and doing so if you are found worth investing their time on, then you would be contacted. These are the tips briefly given to benefit you in your career.

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