William Almonte – Is Cloud-Based Software Really The Future Of Recruitment Industry?

William Almonte – Is Cloud-Based Software Really The Future Of Recruitment Industry?

While discussing the recruitment industry and its future, along with recruiters and employers or candidates, what comes forth is the technicality. How far the industry is well equipped with software and its implementation? Since we all know that software is nothing but a technical tool that helps to finish the work in the more advanced way and in lesser time. So the cloud-based software is one such technical boon that has many benefits if implemented properly. But while analyzing the future of recruiting industry, it is important to look into the current status of them.

William Almonte - Is Cloud-Based Software Really The Future Of Recruitment Industry1

According to Mr. William Almonte, small recruiting firms tend to overlook the technical advancement and rely on paper works more. It is nothing but their reluctance of using advanced technology which leads to raising many complications.

The Hindrances

The lacking of technology usage persuades the recruiting firms to seek help from special administrators.

The work process gets much slower while preparing audit reports.

Special administrators have to spend valuable time, rectifying errors that are causing a negative impact on the business.

It is the financial investment that stops the recruitment agencies to move ahead with setting up IT infrastructure, agrees Mr. William Almonte.

Eliminate expenses of installation

So talking about the future of the recruiting agencies it is important to look into the facilities that cloud software is offering them. By implementing which the investment of installation that they fear the most would get eliminated. The cloud computing software allows the users the facility of remote accessibility simply by subscribing to the service. Since the software suppliers will host the IT infrastructure themselves, thus the cost of purchasing private server system of recruiting agencies will get eliminated.

How software improves the professional equation

Recruitment does not always revolve around making money, even if that is to be believed then building a good rapport with the client helps a lot to earn profits. But following the traditional recruiting system can cause trouble in that relationship with clients. Such as, if any kind of error is found in the data processing, that creates difficulty with payroll. These errors will further cause a barrier between the agency and its client’s rapport. Quite obviously these problems will be time-consuming to get resolved. This also will lead the client to shift their business due to inconsistent service.

Conversely to this scenario, recruiting firms who are using cloud computing software are being benefitted by its service. It lessens the chances of errors with the electronic data processing system. They are able to provide detailed MIS report with the full analysis given to their clients that impress their clients and improving their relationship.

The Verdict

Though by now, we all have understood how the cloud computing software can benefit us. But despite the pros it has, many recruiting firms are still backing out using this service. The reasons that we have contemplated is the lack of technically well-versed people.

Other than this, big recruiting firms will find it tremendously hectic to transfer their entire database from papers to the computer. So it is appropriate for small recruiting firms who will extract complete benefit out of this service.

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