William Almonte – Common Misconceptions Related To Recruitment

William Almonte – Common Misconceptions Related To Recruitment

Lately, we have been noticing the industrial profit and loss, upsurge and decline graph of success are significantly depended on recruitment firms. It has indeed quite a say in the matter of selection, be it a candidate for a company or company for a candidate. Recruitment agencies do have its functionality and operations in the industry that runs concerning the ongoing market status. Now, there have been quite whisks relating to the authenticity and reliability of recruitment agencies. Let’s unearth some of these false claims which may affect and deter you in the long professional journey.


If you observe meticulously the business scale of Mr. William Almonte, you would be able to understand the subliminal facts of recruitment business, which lies in the motto of being genuine. Yes, not all agencies are out there to fool u, as it will degrade their reputation in the market at the same time they will lose out on making profits. Their business runs on a contract to get suitable jobs or candidates for both company and candidate, for which they charge a certain portion commission or a fixed amount as their remuneration. Though, the amount varies in individual cases. The remuneration fee goes up and down considering some conditions of both company and applicant.

Rumors and reality             

It seems, every business has its ups and downs, scars and smiles, so has recruitment. If you simply pay a little attention to the regular market chaos, you will come to know quite a few rumors doing the rounds. Such as, recruitment agencies are partial or they are not eager to be in terms with you, or they are ignorant towards your priority so on and so forth. These are rumors unlike the real scenarios, as they are true to the best of their ability otherwise they would fail to run their business if they do not focus on their clients irrespective of the stature of it. Be assured that, company or candidate both will get prioritized if they stand out.

Blaming company for not getting suitable jobs

According to Mr. William Almonte, in the competitive market, it is not at all easy for a recruitment agency to balance out equal suitability for companies and applicants, hence, blaming the agency for any particular job opportunity that doesn’t happen to suit a candidate on a personal front is not justified at all. Because generally people go unnoticed of behind the scene procedure and tend to misjudge the agency for landing up a random job. It is most likely to happen to those who are either misfit for their desired designation by qualification or lack the expert skill or experience, the company is seeking. These types of incidents invariably lead a myth that keeps floating around the market bringing the recruitment agency in the grey light.

Regardless, of the situations going on, recruiters are always giving best of their efforts even beyond the scheduled office hours, only to bring result in the best interest of both parties. Whether it is a part time or full-time job, or even contractual, agency will proceed further only after having nods from candidates and companies. Being a mediator a recruiter would not ever want to screw up their image by miss-commitment or misleading its clients.

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