William Almonte – What You Need To Consider While Finding A Recruiter?

William Almonte – What You Need To Consider While Finding A Recruiter?

When the job seekers are confused about how to find a good recruiter, how to work with them, it’s necessary to understand their roles and how the recruitment process runs. William Almonte rightly said, the job of recruiters is not easy. The recruiters not only select people, they are overloaded with variety of roles. Some tips are good to know about the recruitment.

William Almonte - What You Need To Consider While Finding A Recruiter?


First of all, you should definitely know their background. How long they have been in this recruitment field. It will help you to find out a good recruiter.


Knowledge is power. Work experience is not really necessary for the recruiters in the field they recruit. But it helps certainly for sorting candidates. A recruiter who has recruited for several years in that particular field, understands nuances of the profession. Actually knowledge is come from experience.


Many recruiters check criminal background report but not all the recruiters do. There is nothing wrong in checking records of candidates, in fact all should do this. But Before hiring any recruiters you should know all of their policies.

Time span for project

This is related to their work experience. It may be not possible to tell that how many exact days are required to complete a project but an experienced recruiter should be able to give an approximate calculation how long it will take time to grant the freshers.

Success and placement

A good recruiter has a solid reputation, an evidence of illustrated track record of placement. So, if they are successful in their field, surely they will be happy to share with you the past success stories.

The recruitment process

Before finding a recruiter you should know the whole recruitment process. When you inform a recruiter, they will do a quick search and give you any job. But it’s you who should exactly know what type of you want and deserve. So, never hesitate to ask them questions.

Different kind of recruiters

There are mainly two type of recruiters – Internal recruiters and External recruiters.  Internal recruiters, known as ‘ Co-operative recruiters’, who represent the employers, is paid a salary by employer. External recruiters, known as ‘ Headhunters’, ‘ consultants’, ‘ Agencies’, work for private firm and focus on a particular location, job level and industry. Difference between them is in the quantity and also quality. In that case, external recruiters would be superior.

Proactive Process

To get the profit of the recruiter’s services, it would be the best if they have proactive process to find candidates who are qualified enough. You definitely like to get a recruiter that actively finds the candidates company need.

The global internet market is highly impressed by the recruiters. According to William Almonte , recruiters are increasing day by day as the number of candidates is increasing. There is a huge competition in the market. All recruiters may look same for infrequent users of recruitment service, but they are not exactly same. Hopefully you can now select the best one knowing all these points.

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