William Almonte – How To Be Prepared When You Are Going To Face An Interview?

William Almonte – How To Be Prepared When You Are Going To Face An Interview?

Attending an interview requires a lot more groundwork. Googling the answers of the common interview questions are not enough. Be careful with your first appearance. You should portray a confident appearance to your interviewer.  According to William Almonte, a confident body language and perfect apparel make you presentable.

William Almonte - How To Be Prepared When You Are Going To Face An Interview

Research your company

Spend sometimes to gain some knowledge about your company. You can consider the official website as well as social media like facebook, twitter or blog sites. From the official website, you will know about the company particulars. Social media and blogs will serve you information from the other employees’ point of view. Thus you will be able to make a positive image in front of the interviewers. You also can tackle all the queries regarding the company, its products, goals, and agendas etc.

Compare your qualification and skills to the job requirements:

Specifically, analyze the job description. Now try to fit your qualities in it. Make yourself prepare to convince your interviewer that you are the best option for that requirement.   Do it with a lot of confidence.

Practice for the possible set of questions:

Get familiar and practice for some time with the specific form of the interview the firm conducts. Some companies ask brain teasers or case questions whereas the others prefer the standard set of questions. Try to know from the website or other contacts about the form of the questions and make yourself prepare for it.

Plan for your interview apparel:

The interview dress code should be basic and conservative look wise. The safe and the straight option for men is a dark colored suit with a combination tie. Women can choose from the formal business suit, a formal dress or a skirt. White, black, brown and navy blue are the perfect shades for an interview.

The outfit should be cleaned and wrinkle-free.

Shoes and bag should be polished.

Don’t put on extra makeup on your face. Be natural.

Make a simple and tidy hairdo.

Cut your fingernails and clean them.

Avoid wearing extra jewellery. Go for the minimal.

Check the hemline of your dress if anything is needed to be repaired.

Make a list what to bring with you

Carry some essentials with you if anything is required during the interview session.

  • One copy of cv.
  • One photo id proof.
  • Pen and a notebook.
  • Academic results and its certificates.
  • Job interview letter.

Practice the perfect body language

Your body language speaks a lot about you. Smile at the interviewer with a firm handshake after and before the interview session. Always try to make the eye contact with every person on the interview board. Answer all the questions with clear voice and confidence

Try to ask a relevant question

William Almonte says that you may ask anything regarding the company after the interview session. It will help you to gain a positive impression.

We have compiled here the best list of guidelines and let you know how to deal with the toughest questions, what will be your approach to the interviewer, what should you carry with you and what you should wear for that very day. These points can help you to grab an opportunity by achieving a positive turn in your career.

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