William Almonte – What is the Recent Recruitment Industry overview?

William Almonte – What is the Recent Recruitment Industry overview?

The rapid progress and growth of the recruiting industry are palpable in the present day. It does not require a special mention of the fact that, to keep pace with the vibrant thriving of the technological advancement in industries, it is essential for every recruiter and employer to comply with the evolving trends of the time.  William Almonte, Mahwah says that since competition for bagging the best talents into one’s organization is at its peak, hence, it has also become immensely important for hires and recruiters to adopt and follow the latest trends regarding the recruitment and employment of efficient candidates.


William Almonte

The digital fad: convenience and improvement hand in hand

When the question arises of “which way is the industry moving and what are the most viable media that are taking industrial advancement to the pinnacle of progress and development?” it is answered with an immediate and obvious rejoinder, “the digital way.”  This article elucidates the major trends that have emerged in the recruitment industry as a concomitant of the digital advancement of our times and the fast changing rhythm of the digital theme in almost every sphere of the human life.

The swap from hardcopy resumes to online profiles

The plethora of social media sites and professional networks has undoubtedly made a big impact on the way of contacting, searching and establishing a communication between professionals for finding a job. One such professional networking site that has risen to prominence over the years of this digital advancement is LinkedIn. Sites like LinkedIn have also made a huge transformation in the way in which hires and employers scout and find out talents.

William Almonte contends that, according to latest surveys, the sites like LinkedIn have successfully been marked as the fastest growing media leading to the hiring of quality talents in most recognized organizations and companies. Over the past five years, LinkedIn has reportedly led to the augmentation of about 70 percent top quality recruitment in renowned companies and establishments across the globe.

The scout after passive candidates

The doctrine of conventional talent hunt has undergone a sea change- yes, it is evident in the massive deviation in the policy of recruitment from the concept of the traditional hiring of hyperactive and enthusiastic candidates to the search and discovery of the dormant yet interesting talents which lay treasured in passive candidates.

The passive candidates are usually the ones who have been working for one organization for some years at a stretch and are not keen on being interviewed with other companies and recruiters. However, the fact that they are not looking for a new job does not by any means make them any less valuable to be incorporated in your corporation. Rather, as the latest recruiting trends seem to imply, such passive candidates show more reliability and dedication to a single company and are not keeping a fluctuating or vacillating tendency for a change. Furthermore, the consistency of such employees at one single organization for years also makes their experience more enriched, compared to that of those who have been actively looking for new jobs.

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