William Almonte – What Are The Three Mandatory Steps To Take While Starting Up A Recruiting Firm?

William Almonte – What Are The Three Mandatory Steps To Take While Starting Up A Recruiting Firm?

Starting up any business belonging to any profession is difficult. No matter how many funds you have, the roads to walk on is not always a cake walk for many new business holders. Such is the case with recruitment business, where you have to follow some mandatory steps to start an agency of your own.

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To start up a recruiting firm you would not have to be born with a sharp business skill. Rather following these suggestions, you can surely excel as per Mr. William Almonte.

Training & Research

Excellent communal skills and ability to grasp the perception of employers are compulsory to have in this business according to Mr. William Almonte. So start doing research to assess the situation of the market. At the same time, research about other recruiting firm’s establishment and progress in the market. Evaluate and start training yourself by opting for a recruitment course, to adapt better skills. Make certain that the course you opt for includes the major areas, such as PAYE, Tax, Vat and other legislations. Apart from learning this, you have to understand the legal side of the business. You have to grasp a strong knowledge of ethical and commercial liabilities of starting up a recruiting agency along with recruitment training online. Besides all this, you have to make a sound business plan with the help of professionals to start and run the agency.

Study HR & Adapt Technical knowledge

After the completion of research and recruitment training, there comes the second stage where you have to be well versed with the technicalities. If you lack the technical knowledge or don’t know much about HR department or managing people, start reading extensively on these subjects. There are several online courses or books available on the market by studying which; you can very easily gather information about it. Another important issue to consider is finance, which you need be careful about and plan wisely. So it is vital to possess sharp knowledge about the recruiting business, to give a proper presentation to the bank manager while discussing your finance.


The third and final stage is finding and fixing a location for the purpose of recruitment training. This is the stage where you have to use all your knowledge that you have summed up throughout the last few months. The venue should be chosen keeping the main purpose in mind. Hire an accountant to deal with all the necessary paper works to be done to start your business without any hassle. After that, you have to do marketing of your agency. If you are a pro at handling social networking, then it would be a great benefit to promote your business. Else you may also hire professional agencies to promote your firm online as well as offline.

After completing these necessary steps, you are ready to make the world aware of your recruiting firm. So get hold of the business cards and other office stationeries to utilize them now.

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