William Almonte – How To Use A Recruiter To Find A Job

William Almonte – How To Use A Recruiter To Find A Job

In this corporate world, recruitment industry has made the upsurge in the market by flourishing continuously. It has made the world felt its significant importance when it comes to matching appropriate candidates with the perfect jobs. Recruiters provide service to the Employer Company and candidates on end to end basis. So how does it function? How do recruiters operate? These are basic queries every job seeker usually has and will have in future as well. So while dealing with a recruiter to find a suitable job, there are certainly important factors.

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We have done a close reading of the experience of Mr. William Almonte, in the recruitment industry and analyzed here with some valuable annotations:

The General Scenario:

The first thing that job seeker should know how do they charge? Well, they charge only after the employee gets placed in the employer company. Recruiters cannot claim any charge during their service period until everything gets settled. Now comes the concern of contacting them, it is mostly seen that candidates come across recruiters through, various ads on social media, job portals or even on newspapers. The other way could be via any personal sources, meeting them and having a discussion about what type of they are seeking. Henceforth, the recruiter will enlist the details of candidates and will contact them when they find a suitable match as per their requirements.

What is the Possibility of Better Chances:

The first concept should be clear in the first place that a job applicant should contact directly to the company or they should reach out to recruiters in order to fetch better opportunities. In this regard, if the recruiter places the job advertisement by naming the employer company, then it is pretty obvious that the recruiter or the agency has been hired exclusively to provide service to that company. Therefore, if the candidate attempts to contact directly to the employer, the resume will again be redirected via the recruiter. Because they are appointed to make the best selection, hence, the company would more likely to entertain those selected candidates recommended by the recruiter.

According to Mr. William Almonte, the rumors of companies preferring candidates without any referral from recruiter should be discarded, as it stands no authenticity. Recruitment is a tough job, and recruiters are appointed to get best or close match candidates.

Some Other Tips to Deal with Recruiters for Better Service:

Dealing with recruiters wisely can only add the odds of getting better opportunities. Which might not be easier otherwise, though, one may contact more than one recruiter to get faster service, but it is better to avoid any clutter in professional matters. It is also advisable to update your recruiter about the interview, to share experience or hindrances if any. It may turn out favorable for you in the means of salary negotiation, timing, or any other issues. This could be dealt easily by the interference of the recruiter. Lastly, there is a cautionary alert for all candidates, to judge and examine the authenticity of any random recruiter calls before entertaining them.

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