William Almonte – How to Win the Trust of the Candidates

William Almonte – How to Win the Trust of the Candidates

Finding a good job is a herculean task nowadays. The competition has increased manifold over the past few decades. Not only for a job-seeker, a recruiter can also face problems while hiring. With the increased number of skilled candidates, it is really tough to choose the best one for your organization.

William Almonte - How to Win the Trust of the Candidates

These days, there are a lot of career options available and millions of suitable candidates applying for a single post. For this reason, companies hire recruitment agencies or set up recruitment cells to handle the hiring process. According to William Almonte, the need of recruiters is increasing day by day as the need of a job is also increasing among suitable candidates.

Why is it Important to Gain Trust of Candidates

As rightly said by William Almonte, recruiters not only hire people, but they are tasked with a variety of roles. Winning trust of the candidates is the most vital part of a recruitment process. To be a successful recruiter, it is important that the candidate trusts you. If you are new to this profession, earning a candidate’s trust makes your job easier.

Building trust with the candidate also builds a confident relationship. It helps even after the candidate is hired in future. It creates a positive impact on your company and keeps your reputation intact.

How to Win the Trust of a Candidate

  • Being honest is essential to building trust with the candidate. It is better to be honest with the candidate while you are discussing future prospects in the industry, growth scope and both the upsides and downsides of the role. Only when the candidate feels that you are being honest, he/she will reciprocate.
  • While having a conversation with the candidate, it is important to keep a professional touch. But, at the same time, keeping it light and more discussion about the opportunities and openings in the field helps a lot.
  • Try to find out the reason why the candidate is looking for the job if any barriers are present or any kind of personal problems. The more you communicate, the easier it becomes for the candidate to trust you.
  • Keep in touch with the candidates throughout the entire process of interview. If someone is not qualified for the next round, be sure to inform them right away. The professional attitude of recruiters is important to build trust with candidates.
  • Ask for a feedback. You can use online survey tools or a telephonic conversation might work well. Feedback ensures what kind of opinion other candidates hold about your company. It also is very helpful to point out if any improvement is required for the recruitment process. Of course, you will be the judge to evaluate feedback. But, it is a useful tool to gain insights into your process.

Gaining the trust of a candidate is not an easy job. These days, so many unethical practices are followed for recruitment. Most of the cases, candidates are duped while trusting the recruiters. In such a scenario, it becomes quite difficult for the recruiter to convince the candidates that it is safe to trust them. However, trust can be built over time.

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